Faces of Primary: Valiant Pictures

An accomplished producer, Valiant Pictures’ Executive Producer Matthew D’Amato has crafted award winning shorts, music videos and highly visible content for the likes of some of the world’s largest corporations.  Now with partner Vincent Lin, Matthew is hoping to further his successes in branded content and commercials while being a part of the Primary community.  Get […]


Faces of Primary: DiResta Communications, Inc.

A native New Yorker, Diane DiResta is widely recognized when it comes to executive speaking and coaching via her company DiResta Communications.  Additionally, she brings a wealth of knowledge in leadership presence and next level communications that allow any professional to elevate their game.  Here’s little bit about Diane and how she’s become a part of the Primary […]


Faces of Primary: Team Key Lyme

With the help of her background in health and wellness, Rachel Cipriano took life back into her own hands. Using what she’d learned to heal herself of Lyme disease, Rachel radically transformed her life. Now the health coach and co-founder of Key Lyme is raising awareness for Lyme disease through various products and collaborations, while providing adequate […]

Faces of Primary: Team KaChing

If you’re looking for an app to help educate the next generation of investors, KaChing is just for you. Founded by Melanie Smith, the mobile app is designed to foster good investing habits and financial mindfulness in teenagers. As one of Primary’s inaugural members, Melanie claims that she was predestined to find the wellness integrated co-working space.   What […]


Faces of Primary: The Vesper Team

Need part-time or full-time office support? CEO Margaret Tung’s office management solution, Vesper, is the perfect solution. Covering positions in everything from bookkeeping to event planning and office moves, Vesper is THE service for the modern day enterprise. And, when it came to office space, Margaret wanted to make sure her own employees were taken care of while […]