Faces of Primary: Natalie Kathleen, Jibs Life

Maintaining and incorporating an active lifestyle were important for the founding team at Jibs Life when searching for the perfect workplace environment.  Now a Primary community member, CEO Natalie Kathleen offers a little insight into herself and her team’s growth alongside that of the Primary community.

How long have you been co-working at Primary?

I was lucky to have moved in before the full launch nearly a year ago! We watched the beauty unfold as each section was completed, got to know the team extremely well during afternoon mediations in the spare office beside us – and had first pick of the prestigious south end office with lady liberty in view out the window!

What is your role at Jibs Life? Can you tell us a little bit about your company?

My role has evolved greatly in the year while at Primary. I’m consistently on the CEO side of our wonderful Co-Founding team of three, plus for many months I was jumping in and out of various day to day essential business roles! I’m thrilled to share that with our immense growth we now have a brilliant few additions to the team in means of operations, sales and marketing. The breadth of talent that has been attracted towards Jibs Life deeply reflects my overall passion and strength within Jibs as CEO. Our success as a company thus far is truly defined by the team of people internally and externally who are, naturally, full energy souls and share a vision of business that brings people together through challenges and celebrations. There is never an idea too out of the box, nor a dull moment – the clock never moves slow enough for us around here!

Yoga or cardio? Or neither? How do you prefer to stay in shape?

All of the above! A big part of #thejibslife is keeping active naturally in our day to day. For Co-Founder Reza, his other business endeavor is high-end personal training; JD, well check out his insta @jd4shiz, that man is tight! For me – it’s all about variety with my must have 6:30am fitness routine mixing up yoga, spin, jogging, crazy Equinox cardio classes and then Saturday morning gym-to-brunch highlight of the week! (– oh and Brian’s Monday noon bootcamp deserves a big mention as the only class to break my morning routine. He’s incredible!)

You want to indulge… what is your go-to guilty pleasure food of choice?

Half the reason to workout, to allow indulging! The new HaloTop ice cream…. Or anything peanut butter and chocolate!

Can you tell me the best part about working at Primary?

The people. Hands down. From casual chats in the lounge to incredible connections that have either immediately converted to business transactions and/or life-long friendships.

What is your favorite pair of shoes you’ve ever owned? (other than Jibs 😉 )

Well behind/before I created the Jibs world I am a high heel woman. 90% of the time I’m acting as a walking billboard for our sneakers, however I absolutely feel in heaven wearing my friend’s collection of Daver heels, in particular a pair of 3” dusty blue nubuck knee high boots that I swear I could walk/run in all day, everyday!

Are you hooked on any wellness trends? If so, give me the scoop!

Love açaí bowls, Track & Field fitness / athleisure apparel, WellWell watermelon juice, my spiralizer…

You’re throwing a theme party- what would it be?

Super specific, famous celebrity couple with roles reversed or my go to favorite- nautical themed!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received lately?

Dont steal time from the future. If you’re up late / miss a full night’s sleep, make sure to pay back the borrow as soon as possible.

What is something that your co-workers would be surprised to find out about you?

I’m quite overly honest and transparent, so not too much realtime life to hide!


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