Founders of Primary: Chief Wellness Officer Brian Hain

With an impressive track record in the world of fitness as a coach and founder of multiple triathlon teams, Brian Hain is no stranger to the wellness industry. Many consider a studio as a sacred space of self-care and wellness and often thought of as an escape from life’s hustle and bustle.  Far less often is it considered a major part of the workplace.


Targeting the Problem

Brian realized the importance of this integration early on in his career. As a young professional with lots of energy, he took on the grueling hours of the hospitality industry and barely managed to make time for life outside of work, sleep and exercise. He found that going to the gym was the only lifeline providing him with support to tackle the tasks of each week. This brief foray into the world of hospitality taught Brian a valuable lesson of finding a balance between work and health that he has since held on to.

Brian’s workspace changed dramatically as he began to work as a virtual consultant at a sport and recreation company. The change of pace from the long hours in hospitality to this virtual position gave him the time to think more carefully about self-care and its place in the work environment.


“The ability to work for myself, independently, outside of an office, helped me develop a love for being able to go out and run, or do whatever activity I wanted to do and integrate it with my workday. I quickly found that I and others I worked with were a lot more productive than those who were just sitting and working all day long.”


Finding the Solution

This noticeable and positive result of a wellness integration into his workday led Brian down a path of self-education. As he learned more about the science behind why fitness boosts productivity, Brian began formulating how to run a well-integrated fitness studio. In fact, before Primary was even called Primary, Brian drove the design and execution of an earlier fitness space and health café concept.  This idea led the inspiration for the combined studio, café and lounge area in Primary.


Born from this long history of work and fitness, the studio and Primary aims to integrate a quality yoga and fitness studio into a shared office space. The studio itself is not something new, but it is radical in its approach to self-care. The presence of the studio in the workspace is a constant reminder to members that they must make time for themselves through meditation or fitness classes. A unique aspect of the studio space is that it is modular and can be opened up to create a large area to host wellness events. This feature highlights an important aspect of the shared office space, which is building a community of wellness.

The studio at Primary is a culmination of Brian’s personal experience that results in an environment that fosters a happy and healthy community.


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