6 Hacks To Boost Your Productivity

Being productive is necessary in today’s modern world.  From being an up and coming entrepreneur to creating a new studio, being productive helps us to accomplish things that move the needle and hasten the pace of our performance.  That’s why it’s essential for every professional looking to maximize their day to stick a few key strategies in boosting their productivity.

Here are 6 quick and simple ways we think are great at supporting higher productivity while lowering stress levels.

Create a Positive Mindset

Creating a positive mindset helps you to focus on what’s possible – instead of what’s not.  It helps to find a solution while improving your work and supporting better health and well-being.  And it’s not just hearsay.  Recent studies show that positive attitudes are directly linked to higher productivity and positive brain activity.  So, the next time any Debbie Downers or Negative Nancies creep in, remember to turn the other cheek and stay positive.


Stop Checking Emails and Notifications First Thing In The Morning

Take back control of your day by resisting the urge to check your emails or notifications first thing in the morning.  Checking your email first thing in the morning thrusts your brain into react mode, when in fact, the early hours of the morning are the times when your brain is the most productive.  Instead, take a few minutes to practice breathing exercises or to meditate.  This will help to start your day with a calm and clarity that you can carry with you all day long.

Develop an Exercise Program, Most Importantly Hydrate

Exercise programs helps the brain to focus, relieves daily stress and boosts overall morale.  As a result, even though it make time off your schedule, going to the gym can be helpful in the long run.  Want inspiration?  Even the most successful people workout to stay focused.  But remember to always keep hydrated, especially after running through a workout routine.  Even mild dehydration has negative effects on your mood – as well as your overall performance.


Don’t Stick To A List

Sticking to a list in order to keep track of daily deliverables is a great way to stay organized and productive – just don’t let that list run your life.  Too often we overcommit when it comes to a list of items that we’re responsible for – creating a source of stress in our daily lives.  In order to mediate this, try committing to just 3 or 4 things on the list and remind yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Just Say No

Busy doesn’t translate into being productive, it’s a fact.  Instead of taking on responsibilities or doing things just for the sake of staying busy, remain focused on predetermined daily goals.  This will help you striving for things that you need to do and keep you focused on being super productive at the end of the day.

Give Yourself A Couple of Minutes

Commit a few minutes every morning or evening to do mediation or planning, away from daily distractions like the phone, email or work.  Do a self assessment, write in a diary, or just jot some random thoughts down.  The few minutes taken will help to center your mind, clear the mental clutter and prepare you for either the long day ahead or calm it for a good night’s sleep.


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