5 Wellness Tips For Surviving the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to celebrate.  Whether you’re ending the year with a bang, celebrating your blessings from the past year or trying to catch up with family and friends, the holidays are a good time to let loose.  

But it’s also a time to remember to stay healthy and well for the upcoming year.  Aside from being the time of the season where people typically gain 1-2 pounds, the holidays are when most Americans typically battle with sickness and fatigue.

So, in order to lend a helping hand this holiday season, here are 5 wellness tips we think will help you survive the holidays and keep you healthy for the new year.

Stay Hydrated

The holidays are a time when the human body can become just as dehydrated as it is in the summer.  So, it’s good to remember to stay hydrated this holiday season.  Drinking the daily recommended 8 8-ounce glasses of water will help in warding off any type of dehydration and keep your body functioning properly during any celebration.



Don’t Go Hungry

Ever think that fasting before the big dinner won’t affect your health?  Fasting before a big meal only sets you up for failure in the end as there’s a higher likelihood of binge eating.  In order to fight this, remember to snack throughout the day and pace yourself before the any holiday dinner.  This will help to keep you full and balanced while making sure that you don’t overcommit when the roast is served.

Pace Yourself

And, if you’re attending the big dinner, remember to pace yourself.  By slowing the speed at which you eat, you’re allowing your body to fully digest your meal while making sure you aren’t succumbing to overeating.  You’re also allowing yourself a better chance at keeping your weight in check throughout the holiday season.

Make the Smarter Choice

It’s easy to overindulge at the company party or a fun night out.  But, moderation can do wonders when it comes to remaining wellness focused this holiday season.  Increase your consumption of lean meats and fresh vegetables to help ward off seasonal ailments.



Remember to Stay Committed

We all know that exercising is the last thing on anybody’s mind when it comes to the holidays.  But staying committed to anything active – anything – will help in keeping  your body healthy, well and feeling great.  Whether it’s attending a meditation/yoga class, taking a brisk walk or playing indoor sports, keeping to your healthy routine will help in the long run.


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